About Us

DSPlogic, Inc. is a trusted provider of real-time computational electronic systems, technology, and services for critical commercial and defense applications.

We create application-specific computing engines for data and processing intensive applications using open architectures and standards.  Our system expertise is combined with model-based design methodologies and automated synthesis of computational software and FPGA hardware to rapidly convert algorithms into verified, custom real-time computing machines, optimized for size and power-constrained embedded applications.

DSPlogic is developing our own ParaLea™ algorithm synthesis technology to drastically reduce FPGA development and verification costs while improving the robustness of FPGA-based embedded electronic computing systems.

DSPlogic’s application experience includes ultra-high-speed pulsed systems (Ladar, Radar, EW), wireless communications, satellite, sensor, and imaging systems. We possess a deep understanding of applied signal and data processing algorithms and how to implement them in real-world systems using practical engineering design-space tradeoffs. When combined with our capabilities in model-based programming and high-level synthesis, we are uniquely positioned to meet customer’s FPGA-based computational electronic system needs.